Comprehensive Resource Model

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) creates a physiological and neurological opportunity for us to completely resolve, emotionally and behaviorally, the personal impact of; individual and generational traumatic events, repetitive relational conflicts, and disruptive life symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and performance challenges.

It varies greatly from other Trauma treatment in several ways:

  • The CRM skills/model can be integrated with other psychotherapeutic modality as well as stands alone as a healing and personal growth pathway.
  • The variety of internal neurobiological safety/self regulating skills as well as the sequential and concurrent use of the interventions in a stacked or “nested” manner builds a neurological scaffolding of resources in the brain stem, midbrain, limbic system, and neocortex. The client remains in the highest level of neurobiological calm during their trauma processing as a result of this scaffold so that the client is not re-traumatized by the work.
  • Clients will experience authentic processing from abreactions and “hamster wheel” processing that is re-traumatizing and does not “stick.”
  • Attachment disruption can be re-wired completely.
  • Clients are educated about the purpose and mechanics of the CRM neurobiological safety/self regulating skills with the intention that they can use these resources in between sessions to strengthen their own sense of empowerment and self-regulation day to day.
  • Therapists are educated regarding their ability to attune to a client’s process and thus their moment-to-moment needs. This is done through study of the model as well as by utilizing the tools themselves.

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