New and Expecting Parents

The first months after a baby’s birth are an exciting time for parents, as well as a crucial time period in the child’s life. Studies continue to show that a nurturing relationship between new parents and their child is essential to healthy brain development in infancy and childhood, with effects that last all the way through adulthood.

Maternal bonding, nurturing and soothing all play a key role in these early months of development, both on an emotional level and even structurally within the brain itself. Interactions between parent and infant change the brain in ways that can foster resiliency throughout the person’s lifespan.

My work with new and expecting parents helps parents prepare for and successfully navigate these exciting yet stressful months. Because the emotional challenges of this new relationship can have a life-long impact on the child, we will work to ensure that this is a time of balance and well-being, both for you and for your baby.