Performance In Sports, Arts and Business

The goal in any performance is to fully connect.

In sports we strive to connect with the ball and with our teammates. In an artistic performance, we aim to connect with a song, a dance, or a theatrical piece, while simultaneously connecting emotionally with our audience. In business, we want to connect with our co-workers and our customers. Even our everyday lives require us to connect with others— friends, family, strangers—through the performance of societal interactions. Whether we are trying to connect with a ball, a concert piece, a co-worker or a friend, our stress and trauma (both physical and emotional) can prevent us from fully reaching our potential.

I will work with you to find the individuality in your performance and to make the most of your unique natural ability. As you learn to release performance anxiety, trauma and other blocks, you’ll find yourself channeling your energy, expressing a full range of emotion, and connecting at a deeper level through your performance and play. You will rediscover the joy of playing and performing, and increase mindfulness to remain calm under pressure and focused on your role. All these skills will help you attain individual satisfaction and achieve your goals on the court, on the stage, in the office, and in the world around you.